Vision into action

The structuring of the project into work packages spanning four distinct Action Lines. Work in the Hypotheses, Biomarkers & Personalisation packages WP1-3 will focus on the design, collection, advanced analysis and high-throughput processing of multiscale, multimodal clinical data needed for the computation of biomarkers as well as for personalised modelling. In the Multifactorial & Multiscale Modelling methodological packages WP4-6, the two main modelling paradigms are developed as well as mechanisms for their interactions among themselves and across scales. The Tools & Platforms packages WP7-8 make the analysis and modelling tools accessible to the two main users of our systems: biomedical researchers and clinical specialists. Finally, two packages (WP9-10) provide the required support for Exploitation & Management that secure effective project execution, communication and outreach. The latter AL will be covered specifically in the sections corresponding to Management and Impact and will be obviated here. Each AL is coordinated by an Action Line Leader (ALL), a specialist in the domain, which will provide a day-to-day support to the WP leaders (WPL) and the Project Coordinator.

Overall organisation and work plan