Dr. Sanna-Kaisa Herukka

Dr. Sanna-Kaisa Herukka

Sanna-Kaisa Herukka, MD, PD, biochemist, is the head of biomarker laboratory at UEF serving CSF biomarker analyses for whole Finland.
Academic Degrees
  • MD, 2011
  • PhD (Neurosciences), 2009
  • MSc (Applied biotechnology), 2008

Research interests

  • Biological markers for neurodegenerative disease, particularly Alzheimer's disease
  • Mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer's disease
Role: Researcher

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    University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Clinical Medicine / Neurology
    P.O.Box 1627 (Yliopistonranta 1C)
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    +358-(0)40-548 6247